You are more than a symptom or A problem to fix. you are life in the making.

We discover our innate capacity for joy, vitality and wisdom when we feel authentic, at home in ourselves, and free from the bonds of shame and self-judgement. For most of us, though, this state of wholeness or comfort in ourselves can seem far off. There are losses, wounds, deep anxieties, a slew of stories we tell ourselves about how we fall short or deserve very little. There are times when we can’t find our way back to ourselves or a way forward to who we want to become.

The right therapeutic relationship can help clear the dust from our eyes, quiet the noise inside, and get us back on our path. We heal, grow whole and get the courage to risk stepping into the unknown with the unwavering support of others. This is at the root of how I work — building the foundation of an honest, trustworthy and deeply safe relationship. I also believe in the transformative power of self knowledge. I invite you into a collaborative dialogue that will bring you into focus, illuminating the unknown and drawing you closer to your own wisdom.

My process is not geared towards quick answers and is best suited for people interested in getting to know what lies underneath the problem, and ultimately, themselves.